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What is an Escape Room?

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An escape room is a fun, unique and exciting activity where you and a group of your friends or family are “locked” in a room with a goal for “escaping”. You and your team have one hour to achieve that goal and win.  Sometimes the goal of the room is to escape, sometimes it’s to find a hidden object or save the Timekeeper. Whatever the goal is, there will be many puzzles and challenges to solve along the way.

Escape rooms are a team-based game. You must work together and communicate well in order to succeed. Every person in the room brings something unique to the game, so it’s important that everyone gives their ideas and tries to help solve the puzzles. Failure to work as a team will slow you down.

Each group will also have a Gamemaster available to help them when the group is stuck. The Gamemaster is there to ensure you have a fun experience, so if you need a clue or help with a puzzle, let them know! We want you to have fun. Some find fun in the challenge of the solving puzzles, some find fun in the experience. It’s up to you!

Important note: For safety reasons, you are never actually locked in the escape rooms. You can easily leave in case of emergencies.

Our Pre-Show Policy

In order to keep the flow of customers on track and not get behind schedule, we have a strict pre-show policy we ask all escapers to follow.

  • We LOCK the front doors until 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time. You may want to use this time outside to fill out the waiver on our phone, as we no longer offer public tablets to sign waivers.
  • Everyone must sign an electronic waiver. Please visit escape-factor.com/waiver to view and sign this online before your escape room starts.
  • We will start going over the rules either FIVE minutes after entering or TEN minutes after your scheduled time, whichever is earlier. Rules will begin regardless of whether or not your entire party is present. Performance timer will begin 5 minutes after rules begin, with or without you and your guests.
  • Please do not be late! Latecomers will not be accommodated or refunded.

Health and Safety Precautions

Spray and Disinfect - Clean and Private Escape Rooms

For the health and safety of both our customers and our employees, we have instituted the following changes for all escape room performances:

  • All our escape rooms are PRIVATE.  The only people in the room with you will be the people in your group.
  • Show times are staggered.  This allows us to keep different groups separated from each other.  In the event that two groups are in the facility at the same time, we will separate them into at least two different rooms/lobbies.
  • Hand sanitizer is readily available throughout our building.  You are also encouraged to use sanitizer upon arrival and when leaving.
  • We use HEPA air filters in ALL our rooms in an effort to reduce viral concentrations in the air.
  • IF YOU ARE SICK, please DO NOT attend. We can offer you a credit for a future booking if you are sick, but we will still run the show for the rest of your party.  We do reserve the right to restrict entry to any customers displaying any COVID or cold-like symptoms.
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