Ghost in the Graveyard

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 2-8 (4-6 recommended)

Escape Factor: Creepy

The Story

Mysterious noises shatter the tranquility surrounding Resurrection Memorial Cemetery. The haunting legend persists, whispering of souls lingering in the graveyard for decades, their ethereal presence casting a shadow on the site’s future. The local government contemplates shutting down this sacred ground, and the weight of its potential demise rests on your shoulders. Can you uncover the enigmatic secrets and become the savior the graveyard desperately needs?

What to Expect

Ever been curious about the secrets concealed in the darkness of a cemetery at night? Prepare for an otherworldly experience, as Ghost in the Graveyard, Escape Factor’s latest and most technologically advanced room, unfolds a new chapter in their repertoire of challenging puzzles. Enveloped in an intriguing storyline, this escape room invites you to reflect on your ghostly encounter long after the game concludes. Brace yourself for an escape room adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. Ghost in the Graveyard encourages players to think outside the box, make unexpected connections, and communicate not only with each other but also with the other side! Navigate through diverse skill sets, crack codes, and rectify past wrongs to see things in a different light.

NOTE: Some slight crouching/crawling may be required for at least one participant during this experience.  Room may be darker than expected; overhead lights may be turned on by request.

Ghost in the Graveyard fence locked

About the Room

In a departure from the stereotypical “zombie-chasing scary” room, Ghost in the Graveyard creates a haunting ambiance that distinguishes Escape Factor’s fourth one-hour room from the others. Built during the challenging times of COVID, this room sheds light on the curious fact that the deceased residents of Forest Park outnumber the living by a staggering ratio of 30+ to one. Crafting puzzles using items sourced from a graveyard posed a unique challenge for the creators, but the result is a room that surprises and astounds guests in a dark and spooky environment. Will the challenges within Ghost in the Graveyard stand strong in such an unorthodox setting? The resounding answer from beyond is an unequivocal yes! Prepare for an immersive experience that transcends the conventional, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the mysteries that dwell in the twilight realm between the living and the departed.

Ghost in the Graveyard Reviews

“Amazing room! There were a lot of WOW moments through the experience as things happened and there is still one part that blew my mind! Don’t miss out on this one.” – JB

“Escape Factor continued to impress us, as this was a neat theme with a great storyline!  There were parts that definitely surprised us!” – ML

“Love the puzzles in this room!! Really creative ideas with nicely done decor.  Definitely do this room if you are in the area! Although… sign me up for any time in a graveyard.” – A.

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