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Each of our four escape rooms has been carefully crafted to be an amazing experience. We take pride in our craftsmanship and puzzle design. All of our rooms are private, 60-minute experiences. You will not be paired with other groups. You can learn more about each room, see pictures and read reviews by visiting their dedicated pages. If you’re ready to book, reserve your escape room here.

The Timekeeper's Trapped brick wall

The Timekeeper's Trapped

You’ve been summoned to the lab of the Official Interplanetary Timekeeper. An evil group has been bending time for their own benefit, placing your colleague in extreme peril.  Using your unique blend of skills and teamwork, you and your guests must work together to free the Timekeeper.  Can you complete your quest in time?

Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge Escape Room

Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge

As a contestant on this vintage game show set, you’ve made it to the final round and have just minutes to win the grand prize!  The plot thickens, however, in a bizarre turn of events.

The Treehouse Raid at Fort Knocks escape room

The Treehouse Raid at Fort Knocks

The neighborhood punk has stolen your valuables.  Trusted sources have informed you that there is a one-hour window where you can break into his hideaway and retrieve your goods. Can you brave the heights, unlock the secrets, and recover your possessions in time? Watch out for his trusty dog, Fido!

NOTE: Some slight crouching/crawling may be required for some participants during this experience.

Ghost in the Graveyard at Escape Factor

Ghost in the Graveyard

Mysterious noises have disturbed residents living near Resurrection Memorial Cemetery.  Legend has it that old souls have haunted the graveyard for decades, forcing the local government to consider shutting down the site for good.  Can you uncover the secrets and save the graveyard from its own demise?

NOTE: Some slight crouching/crawling may be required for some participants during this experience.  Room may be darker than expected; overhead lights may be turned on by request.

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We're a local, minority-owned small business dedicated to bringing high-end escape room experiences with mind-boggling environments to Forest Park, Chicago, Rosemont, Elmhurst and surrounding areas.

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