Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 3-9 (4-8 recommended)

Escape Factor: Most popular

The Story

Step into the glitzy world of vintage game shows as you find yourself a contestant in the final round of Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge! The clock is ticking, and you have just minutes to claim the grand prize. Get ready for a bizarre twist as the director shouts, “Quiet on set!”  Lights flash, game show music fills the air, and you’re live in 3…2…1…!

What to Expect

For all you game show enthusiasts, this is your golden opportunity to be part of one of the most exhilarating TV shows ever (although you’re really playing an escape room). Your team will collaborate on a series of puzzles designed to test your communication, problem-solving skills, and dexterity. While these puzzles pay homage to classic game shows, each one comes with a unique twist that will challenge your team to put on their thinking caps. With the grand prize just seconds away, this nail-biting experience will keep players on their toes!

“We did the fun time game show challenge room and had a blast! We’ve done escape rooms all over the U.S and this one was the most fun and unique room we’ve ever done. So many puzzles and games!” – DB

Unique Game Show Escape Room, Elmhurst, Oak Brook

About the Room

Following the success of The Timekeeper’s Trapped!, we embraced the challenge of pushing creative boundaries. Departing from the dark and mysterious theme prevalent in many 2017-era escape rooms,  Escape Factor aimed for a different look and feel. Striving for a light-hearted theme geared towards families, a child’s bedroom with toys and games became the initial brainstorming idea for this room. However, to ensure visibility for everyone in the group and on camera, set pieces needed to be made larger and more colorful, resembling pieces on a TV set. And voilà! The concept of a game show-themed escape room was born!

With the polished aesthetic of a 1970s game show set, complete with shag carpets, Escape Factor enlisted the expertise of a design company to bring our vision to life. Tasked with making our ideas and puzzles exude showmanship and retro charm, a look evolved that married bold colors, bright lights, and clean lines. This award-winning room continues to attract participants from all over the country, inviting them to enthusiastically “Come on Down!”

Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge Reviews

“As a fan of game shows, I was instantly drawn to their game show escape room, and I must say, it was beautifully designed. The attention to detail was impeccable, from the set design to the puzzles, everything felt authentic and immersive.” – AC

“This was our 2nd time at Escape Factor and it was a blast! This year we did the 70’s game show themed room and my family loved it! If you’re a fan of game shows check this one out!” – JW

“This room is creative, rewarding, and so enjoyable.  Escape Factor is great about having rooms that work for everyone.  We loved this game show room, and found ourselves clapping for each other throughout, as if we were really on a game show; it was a very positive experience.” – Esc Room Addict

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