The Timekeeper's Trapped!

Time Limit: 60 minutes

Number of Players: 4-12 (6-10 recommended)

Escape Factor: Puzzling

The Story

Welcome to the lab of the Official Interplanetary Timekeeper, where time itself is under siege by an evil group, putting your colleague in extreme peril. Armed with a unique blend of skills and teamwork, you and your time-continuum associates must collaborate to free the Timekeeper. Can you rescue your mentor before time runs out?

What to Expect

The Timekeeper’s Trapped! is a captivating escape room filled with challenging puzzles and innovative ideas. This experience demands teamwork and meticulous attention to detail. Numerous group challenges and multiple pathways create a dynamic environment, requiring a mix of partnership and individual know-how. Designed to challenge the all-around player, this room tests observation and logic skills, number prowess, and the ability to work seamlessly with others. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts, it also caters to large groups of children, encouraging them to break into separate groups to work simultaneously and cooperatively with their friends.

The Timekeeper's Trapped - Best Chicago Escape Room

About the Room

Being Escape Factor’s inaugural room, The Timekeeper’s Trapped! showcases the initial backlog of puzzles in the creative minds of designers Jon and Dexter, who unleashed a plethora of puzzles in their imaginative process. The challenge was to weave these ideas into a cohesive room while maintaining a consistent theme. With an abundance of clocks adorning the space, the room exudes a crazy “tick, tick, tick” ambiance as participants peel back layer after layer. As the finale builds to a crescendo, the ticking sound intensifies, creating a heightened sense of urgency to complete the room in time!

Originally built in Escape Factor’s initial Oak Park location, The Timekeeper’s Trapped! underwent a transformation when it moved to their Forest Park location. A new set was built by collaborating with a haunted house designer, new puzzles were introduced, and existing favorites were enhanced. The overwhelmingly positive customer response solidified Escape Factor’s reputation for delivering high-quality escape room experiences, blending fun and challenging objectives with a touch of whimsy.

The Timekeeper's Trapped Reviews

“Our family just did the Timekeeper’s Trapped and had a great time!!  Our game master was terrific and the puzzles are all very well thought-out.  We are escape room junkies and have done escape rooms in many states and this one is probably one of the best!!  Get ready to be challenged!!” – LS

“We took a birthday party of boys here to do The Timekeeper’s Trapped. It was fantastic to hear them immediately go from loud and rowdy in the waiting room, to an engaged and excited buzz as soon as it started.  The puzzles are very impressive, challenging riddles that are so rewarding to solve.” – EH

“We loved the uniqueness of the puzzles, the variety of what we could work on, and enjoyed working both independently and as a team.  This room allowed everyone to showcase their strengths and have a part in completing the objective.” – Esc Room Addict

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