708-94ESCAPE [708-943-7227] • ESCAPE FACTOR (7228 Madison St, Forest Park, IL) • Voted TOP 5 FAVORITE Escape Room Venue in the USA!

Bonus Fun Time
Game Show Challenge

Come on down! Play an escape room within our 70’s era game show!

The Treehouse Raid
At Fort Knocks

Brave those heights and complete your heist before you’re apprehended!


Ghost in

The cemetery beckons you to uncover its secrets. Do you heed its call?

The Timekeeper’s

Tick, tick, tick!  Spin those brain gears and unravel the temporal stitches in time!

VOTED as a TOP 5 Favorite Escape Room Venue in the USA in 2020, and included into the TOP 10 two years in a row!

Amazing, UNIQUE, and

Every puzzle has been developed by the puzzle-obsessed owners of Escape Factor.  We’re not a chain, and we’re not associated with ANY other escape room outside of Forest Park, IL.  So know that you’re getting something that is different, unique, fun, and among the highest rated rooms in the Chicago area!


Our rooms are about completing your mission in a fun way!  You are never locked in a room, and our rooms won’t make you feel claustrophobic!

Perfect for Large Groups

Bring your office party. Schedule a teen-group outing. Celebrate your child’s birthday! With FOUR rooms available, we can accommodate at least 30 people in the same hour!

Voted #5 Favorite Venue


Escape-Factor-TERPECA-finalist★ Ratings

Escape Factor boasts a 5.0 rating on Google (with over 500 reviews!).  There’s a reason why escape room enthusiasts and newcomers alike rave about our rooms!  FIVE STARS on Yelp!  5 out of 5 on TripAdvisor!  Finalist for the Top Escape Rooms Project! The people have spoken! 🙂

Family Fun

Escape Factor is one of the very few activities that will engage the WHOLE family at once! Parents, grandparents, teens, and young children LOVE playing together in our rooms!

Locally Owned

We’re not one of those multi-million dollar chains.  Our minority-owned business is integrated with the local community, work with multiple Chamber of Commerce groups, and frequently donate to neighborhood organizations! 

Colby Burnett plays as a contestant on Bonus Fun Time Game Show Challenge

Our promise

to you

Our promise
to you

Escape Factor is committed to following strict guidelines to ensure a safe experience for you and your guests.  From private rooms, staggered performance times to support social distancing, and a robust sanitizing procedure, we will do our best to make sure you play in a clean environment.

About Us

We're a small, local, minority-owned business dedicated to bringing high-end interactive experiences in a mind-boggling environment.

Contact Us

Call us at 708-94ESCAPE [708-943-7227], or send us a message!


Set Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Puzzle Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Sound Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Directors: J. Biag & D. Cura
Producers: J. Biag & D. Cura


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Don't take our word for it; read any of our numerous 5-star reviews!


Set Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Puzzle Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Sound Design: J. Biag & D. Cura
Directors: J. Biag & D. Cura
Producers: J. Biag & D. Cura